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The Wakilisha Collection LLC is a premier clothing company that offers authentic, made to measure, African print suits. The print fabric is sourced from Kenya, designed by the Wakilisha team across continents, and the garments are then tailored in Kenya before being sent to clients across the globe. It is important to us at The Wakilisha Collection at a time when African print is being adopted and appropriated globally, that the communities that make the authentic fabric benefit from the print’s increased popularity.

WE, the founders of The Wakilisha Collection, are comprised of two Kenyans, both in the diaspora and on the continent, and an American. Our vision is to expand the global perception of formal wear to include the bold and colorful prints from East Africa. Our hope is that through this unique and eclectic fashion expedition, we will build a stronger connection between homeland and diaspora communities based on our mutual affection for this clothing art. All orders will be tailored to the specific measurements provided through our Shop because we believe that you are deserving of a well-fitted print suit that meets your preferences. We cater to everyone; folks from all walks of life, who come in different shapes and sizes.

Wakilisha is a Swahili word that means "represent" in English. Through this brand, you will stand out and represent your culture, your heritage, your roots and much more. And for anyone not personally culturally affiliated, your support for these communities and your contribution against the exploitation and improper appropriation of this print goes a long way. You too will be part of the representation.