IMG 7609
IMG 7609
Chui blazer dress side profile
Chui blazer dress 45 degree backwards
Chui blazer dress back angle
Chui blazer dress close up
Chiu blazer dress lapel
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Chui Blazer Dress

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The Maasai Shuka is worn by the Maasai people of East Africa. The Maasai are a semi-nomadic people inhabiting northern, central and southern Kenya and are famous for their reputation as fearless warriors. The Maasai Shuka, along with colourful beaded necklaces and spears are the main identifying factors of the Maasai. Typically red with black strips, although other colours do feature, the Shuka is known to be durable and thick, protecting the Maasai from harsh weather. There are many theories about the origins of the Maasai Shuka, including that the Shuka was brought by Scottish missionaries during the colonial era. For some, this explains the resemblance to scottish plaid or tartan patterns.


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